Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Remembering Earth Day: Watch the Great Invisible at

To honor Earth Day, RTS
recommends the award 
winning documentary film,
The Great Invisible, produced 
& directed by Margaret Brown 
& presented by Independent Lens
about the Deepwater Horizon 
oil platform disaster of 2010 
that killed 11 people in the Gulf 
of Mexico, ruining a regional 
economy while devastating a 
thousand miles of wetlands and 
coastline in the largest oil spill 
ever. It also shows the reckless 
lack of corporate responsibilty 
or preparedness when confronted 
with their own catastrophic disasters.
PBS and Independent Lens aired 
this film April 20, 2015.

On a day when we are reminded 
about the importance of taking 
care & responsibility of this planet,
I spent some time learning about
the magnitude of danger inherent 
in Mankind's quest for fossil fuel.
A sobering look at Earth Day; 
I live near the beaches that met 
similar fates in 1969 in Santa Barbara.
This video is available here (I think) 
through May 2015. It's a must see. The Great Invisible; produced and directed by Margaret Brown
Painted the day after; Watchdog: Deepwater Horizon-detail  (2010) 

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