Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WSJ-China Real Time: China to encourage social media to tattle onsmokers

Evidently China is planning 
on enlisting the populace to 
tell on smokers who break 
the upcoming smoking ban. 
Through the social messaging
app WeChat, the government
is encouraging people to post
information or imagery of 
violators of the law that 
takes effect June 1. This is 
not the first time the Chinese
government has asked the
people to self-police. Such
reporting was also prevalent
for much different reasons 
during the Cultural Revolution.
There is also a contest to see
which "No Smoking" hand 
gesture will be voted most 
popular to establish sign
language to encourage
nationwide smoking cessation.
WSJ: China Real Time-China turns to social media to help tattle on smokers

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