Monday, April 13, 2015

Philip Morris is suing Uruguay over its anti-smoking campaign-an update

Hey, this is what the 
world has come to...
the bullies justify their 
right to beat up the 
little guys. Philip
Morris International is
suing Uruguay over its
successful anti-smoking 
campaign which includes
graphic & health warnings 
on cigarette packs that
cover 80% of the pack.
John Oliver's Last Week
Tonight has been following 
this David/Goliath battle 
and interjecting their new 
spokesperson, Jeff the 
Diseased Lung. Please see
our posts from 3/11 & 2/16
where John follows this
story. For Triple Pundit 
by Leon Kaye. Click on the
chart for the complete view. Philip Morris vs Uruguay lawsuit a threat to smoking restrictions worldwide

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